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"2018 Detroit Motor City Match Design Awardee"

"2018 NEIDEAS Awardee"


Est. Since 2003

Kecia launched her quilting business, Umi’s Comfort, in 2003. As part of her create development process, she began drawing various images, then (seemingly) inexplicably figured out how to reproduce them in quilts. About 50 quilts in, while down south for a family reunion, her work was finally noticed by a cousin – one of her grandmother’s nieces – who offered her some quilting pieces called tops to use in her work.


Kecia also has a sister who is a seamstress that designs and makes clothing. Kecia, nor her sister, were told of their rich lineage in quilting and sewing until Kecia had demonstrated she had developed the skill on her own. The quilting art spans six generations of both of Kecia’s grandparents on her mother’s side of the family  –  back to her great-grandmother’s great, great grandmother – as well as  sisters, nieces, aunts and cousins. 

For most customer orders, they are special mementos that may provide comfort to a graduate going away to college during their first extended separation from their mother. This is how she came up with the business name and tag line:  ”Umi’s Comfort:  Where comfort is always a perfect gift.”

Keeping it true to the themes of many of her designs and the foundation of Umi's Comfort, Kecia continues to keep family in the thread of her business. Her sons work with Umi's Comfort in the areas of design, technology and sales.


Ultimately, Kecia is looking to train women committed to becoming socially impactful business owners. While Kecia continues to create memories for others, she strives to give back by teaching and serving as an inspiration to others.



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Umi's Comfort gives you the opportunity to have your own one of a kind quilt for any occasion of any size you desire. Custom Quilts are perfect for celebrating a new birth, marriage, graduation, athletic accomplishment, need an artistic piece for your home or office.