A New Beginning

A New Beginning

   The end of 2022 Umi's Comfort  opened our first brick and mortar quilt artist studio. We have  received  an overwhelming amount  of media attention which was an exciting time . This new year, 2023 is the beginning and continuation of a new chapter for Umi's Comfort. We  have moved Umi's Comfort from WIX to Shopify in hopes of providing a better online customer experience ( Please be patient as we workout some of the kinks )

   Umi's Comfort will be accepting corporate, group and individual commissions to create, restore quilts and provide workshops. We are especially looking forward to our  children's summer 2023 session.

 Umi's Comfort's intention for 2023 is to continue the tradition and art of quilting alive.


In true comfort,

Umi's Comfort

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