We will consult with you to discuss your color scheme, size and theme. Once this takes place we will proceed to design your quilt and send you three samples either virtually or you may come into our shop choosing one design. Prior to submission of designs customer will sign a nondisclosure to maintain the integrity of Umi's Comfort's designs. Once a design is chosen, 50 % deposit is required to begin the creation of your one of a kind quilt. The completion time of each quilt varies based on design and size.


Umi's comfort offers various payment options. Credit, Debit card, paypal, cash app and cash. We also offer a pay as we create option, as we are making your treasured quilt ,you may make incremental payments.  When your quilt is complete you will be notified. If you have not made final payment and or you have not picked up your quilt within one week of completion you will be charge 10% storage fee. If your quilt has not been picked up or delivered within 30 days of completion, your quilt will be sold.


Deposits are non refundable.

Umi's Comfort gives you the opportunity to have your own one of a kind quilt for any occasion of any size you desire. Custom Quilts are perfect for celebrating a new birth, marriage, graduation, athletic accomplishment, need an artistic piece for your home or office.