Quilt Shipping Guidelines

1. Address your package to:

Umi's Comfort

12200 Petoskey

Detroit, MI.48204

Do not write 'Quilts' on the address label, as this might draw attention to your valuable quilt inside.

We recommend only shipping by FedEx. Please do not forget to request a signature required from your shipping company.

2. Find the right sized box for your quilt:

Do not force your precious quilt into a box which is too small, as the extra folding and pulling may cause additional damage to fragile fabrics.

Conversely, putting your quilt into a box larger than needed will allow too much shifting and bunching during shipping. Place your quilt in a plastic bag and secure it tightly before packing it into the box. You never know what weather conditions your package might encounter along its route to us, and a cardboard box is not waterproof. Remember, this is the one and only time you should store your quilt in plastic!

3. Enclose the following info with your quilt:

Name, Address, Phone number and Email Address, a deposit for $175; or $200 deposit for Crazy Quilts in silk or wool via paypal, cash app, money order.

Note: If you decide to proceed with the restoration work, half of your deposit will be applied to that cost. If you decide not to proceed at this time with any restoration, your quilt will be returned by FedEx, using your deposit to cover the cost of pricing your quilt for restoration, photography and digital documentation of your quilt as required to cover your quilt under our insurance policy while in our care. If necessary we will contact you for any balance due for the return insured shipment of your quilt.