Custom Quilt Design

Umi's Comfort Detroit


The basis of Umi's Comfort's restoration has always been to preserve the integrity of the original textile; each quilt is a totally unique piece of art and reflects the creativity of its maker. It is essential to restore a quilt to the overall look and feel of its original condition and return your heirloom gently loved quilt.


Restoration process:

Before restoration can begin, all cotton quilts must be washed. After washing, your quilt is closely inspected for damage, and a restoration plan is written. This plan includes the materials needed and the labor necessary to complete the restoration. Occasionally, the restoration plan is presented as a range of services, so you will have the option of having all or just some of the work completed as suits your budget. Once we have your approval for the restoration plan, a deposit of approximately one third of the cost will be required, with the remaining amount due upon completion of the restoration.Fabrics are painstakingly chosen from various sources. In most cases, the replacement fabric is cut and sewn to the exact size and shape of the damaged piece and invisibly applied on top of the original fabric (with the exceptions of heavy wools and embellished pieces). 

Umi's Comfort gives you the opportunity to have your own one of a kind quilt for any occasion of any size you desire. Custom Quilts are perfect for celebrating a new birth, marriage, graduation, athletic accomplishment, need an artistic piece for your home or office.