Custom Quilt Design

Umi's Comfort Detroit


Umi's Comfort provides professional quilt washing by hand of cotton quilts for $390 and up for full size quilts, depending on the individual quilt, plus the cost of insurance and shipping back to you.  We will consult with you about your quilt once it arrives to let you know if it requires more than the usual fee.Every quilt is gently washed organically by hand, and always receives a final wash in organic laundry products before being air dried. After washing, the quilt is inspected again for cleanliness, and will be rewashed if stubborn but workable stains remain. Unfortunately, some stains are permanent, such as severe acid staining. 


Umi's Comfort requires a signed release before washing any quilts. If fabrics  were not prewashed before being used in the quilt, there is a chance that some of the dyes will run. Unfortunately, pretesting these dyes is not always reliable, so the client must bear the responsibility for the outcome on quilts.

Umi's Comfort gives you the opportunity to have your own one of a kind quilt for any occasion of any size you desire. Custom Quilts are perfect for celebrating a new birth, marriage, graduation, athletic accomplishment, need an artistic piece for your home or office.